Community project in mamelodi

Give Them Hope is a day care centre/ orphanage built as a temporary centre on municipal land in Mamelodi. They operate out of three garden sheds where the children eat and study.  There are about 35 children during the day (ranging from 3 months to 6 years) but up to 70 come for an evening meal after school before going home.  10 of the children are orphans. Sadly over a third of the children are HIV positive.  The centre relies on donations from the local churches and community.

Give Them Hope was started by a lady called Tsidi two years ago when a lady from the community with three children asked for her help as she was dying from Aids.  Tsidi first helped out by taking the woman to the hospital and looking after the children whilst their mother was hospitalised.  When she died Tsidi took the children in permanently.  The word spread and soon others were asking her to look after their children also because they were sick.  The centre then grew so that parents who lived in the surrounding township left their children at the day care centre whilst they went in to Johannesburg and Pretoria to work.  Tsidi and two other members of the community work at the centre full time as volunteers.

What strikes you about the children at Give Them Hope is how happy they are.  Whilst by our standards they have very little they are some of the politest and genuinely happy children you will come across despite the tragedies that they have overcome.

RCS were introduced to the Give Them Hope Foundation from some friends of the British High Commission whom first started helping Give Them Hope a year ago when the centre really had nothing and the children and Tsidi were sleeping in the garden sheds.   Many improvements have been made since then.  The main one is that Tsidi now has a proper house that is legally owned by her and is not in danger of being taken away.  The children now have a roof over their heads at night which when the winter comes will be very welcome.

They also need food to feed the 70 children that come every night for an evening meal, school stationary and uniform, blankets in the winter and first aid items especially latex gloves because of the HIV risk.

The British High Commission recently adopted Give Them Hope as their Christmas Charity and all 70 children and the staff received a Christmas Present from members of the BHC and Visa section.   BHC members have also raised funds through raffles, bake sales and jumble sales – every little helps!

RCS was requested to provide items to be auctioned at their Charity Ball held during May 2012 as we did supply some items the previous year.  We decided to play a more active role in being more involved to try and make a difference.

Plumbwize and Procare SPS was asked by RCS to look into GTHF’s plumbing and water heating requirements. We donated a 100 litre solar water heater, ran hot lines with new taps and repaired the leaking water mainline. Apollo Solar Technology donated a 200 litre solar system to be installed as well. This is their first hot water supply apart from boiling kitchen kettles at a huge expense on pre-paid power. We are donating stationary, toys, bedding and children books as well – please assist if you are able, it makes a huge difference to these little ones.

If you would like to get involved or assist, please contact Tsidi at 0781849683 or Procare SPS.

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