Certificate of compliance

This week was an interesting week. A very good client of mine sold her house. The buyer and agent insisted on approved house plans for the property. My client had done minor renovations to her house. I had installed a new bathroom for her over a year ago. My client had to hire an architect to draw up updated plans for the dwelling. The building inspector was called to do his inspection and was passed. A PIRB certificate of compliance, a plumbing certificate and the plumbers ID was requested from the plumber who did the installation. Luckily, this was not a problem since she had hired Plumbwize to do the work. 

Plumbers are finally been recognised as proffesionals. Had my client used a handyman or semi-skilled plumber, the sale of her house would be in jeapordy. Even though this was a minor project, it proves that the public should be aware  of using unskilled labour to do their plumbing work for them in order to save a few rand. Since the PIRB was recognised as a proffesional body in November 2012, it seems as if the whole industry has changed. The Building Regulations Act, Health and Safety Act, Consumer Protection Act, Estate Agents Act etc etc, are all starting to gel with one another. 

A Certificate of Compliance for plumbing can only be issued by a licenced plumber who is registered with the Plumbing Industry Registration Board ( PIRB). His/Her menbership is for 1 year only and is renewed annually. This board is recognised as the official proffesional body for plumbers in South Africa.

The public should be aware of the fact that a licenced plumber may not issue a COC for another plumbers' work. Use registered plumbers for your projects and save yourself future problems, even when selling your property.

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